(New!) Spanish Classes NYC

Dear Learn Japanese Readers:

Earlier we talked about Arabic classes and how they’re being offered in NYC by this website’s sponsor, Hills Learning.

Now I’d also like to talk about their Spanish program. The Spanish classes aren’t new to Hills Learning, actually they’ve taught classes previously for kids and businesses in a couple locations in the US. Actually their main experiences are teaching Japanese people Spanish.

Through this experience, interestingly enough there are some similarities between Japanese and Spanish. Actually the vowel sounds in Japanese (AIUEO) sound actually exactly the same in Spanish. Also, a lot of students want to learn Spanish due to practice conversation, which is similar reasoning for why students are learning Japanese.

Hills Learning was originally an Asian language school, unique in NYC. So their Spanish classes nyc are also hoped to be unique, combining the experience and diligence of Asian culture with a mix of Spanish internationalism. Please visit their website for further information.

(NEW) Arabic Classes in NYC

Dear Learn Japanese Readers:

The sponsor of this website, Hills Learning, a school that has mainly specialized in East Asian and some South Asian languages, is proud to announce that they are now offering language classes for Arabic in NYC.

Although Arabic and Japanese are languages that are not directly related, the method for teaching these languages will be similar at Hills Learning. As in Japanese when you’re learning Hiragana and the basic sounds of the language, Arabic as well will be introduced a character at a time and in turn with those characters either the vowel or consonant sound will be introduced. As in Japanese, where the best way to teach pronunciation is through reading Hiragana, the Arabic Script will also be taught.

The similarities don’t end there though as both Japanese are Arabic are considered Category IV languages by the DLI (Defense Language Institute):


In case you’re interested in Arabic Classes NYC please do visit their new site which details out the curriculum for Arabic, their teachers and their programs and how they will be unique in NYC.


Part-Time Japanese Speaking Position – Relationship Manager

MunchAdo.com is a food discovery platform where users connect with restaurants through next-level search, online ordering, reservation and couponing – all in one place. We’re a New York City startup looking for people with 2-3 years of experience who have a taste for tech and food to join our team and make inroads in the NYC restaurant community.

As part of our NYC outreach program, you’ll work in a team to engage restaurants, identify decision makers and talk intelligently with them about the benefits of MunchAdo.com. You’ll be educating restaurants about Munch Ado, signing them to the platform, and walking them through the on-boarding process before transitioning them to the account person at Munch Ado.

The right candidates for this role will have a passion for food and for the way technology simplifies and improves our lives. You should possess the natural talent to start and carry on conversations with people of all ages and backgrounds.


Everything written about above

Bachelor’s Degree

Fluent in Japanese

Available Part-Time (20/hrs. a week)

2-3 years of work experience


Please submit your resume to jobs@munchado.com with the Subject Line: “Relationship Manager – Japanese”


Love Japanese? Why Not Try Korean

Thank you for visiting the Learn Japanese website. We get a lot of requests from students who are learning Japanese about Korean. Surprisingly enough, Korean is quite similar to Japanese grammatically. They are both altaic languages, meaning the verb is at the end. They also come from the same root source of languages in Asia, Chinese.

Here are some helpful tips for language learners thinking about taking the next step after Japanese and learning Korean. They are written by Desteny, a current student of learning Korean at Hills Learning:

As a lover of Korean culture my long term goal is to eventually go to Korea myself and have a firsthand experience with things that I’ve only seen on television or through my computer screen. New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the U. S with a population of 8.406 million as of 2013. Most if not all of that number comes from foreign born residents.  With numbers that high there’s more than enough places and ways you yourself can learn Korean.

Here are a couple ways you can practice your Korean in your everyday life:

Group meet ups

With social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram communicating with people that have similar interests has become extremely easy. There are a number of groups and forums were Korean language learner’s pf all ages and ethnicities meet up throughout the city and come together as one. All you have to do is choose a time and a place and in an instant you’ll be connected to a new network of friends that you can practice your Korean with.

Cultural Events

There are many kinds of Korean centered events that take place throughout the year but for those who would like to dive into the culture I’d recommend taking the time out to participate in the many cultural events and activities that are hosted by the Korean Culture Service of New York. “KCSNY provides diverse cultural and artistic activities including gallery exhibitions, performing arts concerts, film festivals, and educational programs.” The Korean Culture Service of New York states on their website.

Concerts & Meet and Greets

From variety heavy weights like Kim Jongkook and HaHa to rookie idols groups Topp Dogg and VIXX. New York City has become and popular stop for famous Korean acts’ tour in the U.S. gaining much attention and visits from acts such as 2PM, rap label Illionare, 2NE1, actress Park Shinhye and Lessang member Kang Gary.  If you follow the Korean Entertainment industry these events are just for you. What’s better than having the opportunity to actually speak to the artists you listen to, showing them your skills with their language.


Of course the best way of learning Korean is taking classes. I’ve been taking classes at Hills Learning and they’re obviously my top choice for Korean language classes nyc. But it doesn’t there aren’t other options out there, such as the Korea Society, or KLC in Koreatown. Each school has their strengths and weaknesses and you should do a thorough check on all of them.

Thank you for your time! Please let me know of any questions about learning Korean.

Learning Japanese through Song – リンダリンダ

Learning a song in another language is a wonderful thing. You can practice listening comprehension, in addition to learning about the culture from which the song came!

In Japan, the best way to learn (or re-learn) a song is through カラオケ and without a doubt, one of the most popular songs to sing is リンダリンダ by The Blue Hearts.


Listen to the song or watch the music video (please excuse the Spanish subtitles):

Thanks to the front man’s endless energy (and simple grammar), this song is both fun and entertaining! Let’s look at the lyrics:
Listen to the song or watch the music video (please excuse the Spanish subtitles):


I want to be beautiful like a rat


Because you have a beauty that can’t be reflected in pictures

リンダリンダ  リンダリンダリンダ

Linda Linda    Linda Linda Linda

リンダリンダ  リンダリンダリンダ

Linda Linda    Linda Linda Linda


If someday I get the chance to speak with you


Won’t you please me the meaning of love at that time

リンダリンダ  リンダリンダリンダ

Linda Linda    Linda Linda Linda

リンダリンダ  リンダリンダリンダ

Linda Linda    Linda Linda Linda


You’re nicer than anyone, like a rat


You’re warmer than anything, like a rat

リンダリンダ  リンダリンダリンダ

Linda Linda    Linda Linda Linda

リンダリンダ  リンダリンダリンダ

Linda Linda    Linda Linda Linda


If someday I get the chance to speak with you


Won’t you please tell me the meaning of love at that time


Even if it’s not love, even if it’s not passion, I can’t let you go


(As long as) I hold great strength that can never be defeated

リンダリンダ  リンダリンダリンダ

リンダリンダ  リンダリンダリンダ OH!

Linda Linda    Linda Linda Linda

Linda Linda    Linda Linda Linda



Grammar and Vocab

Here’s a list of the grammar and vocab seen in the song, by order of appearance:






Additional Songs

Here’s a list of popular songs that are easy to learn, most of which my friends and I regularly sang at カラオケ in Japan.

上を向いて歩こう – Sakamoto Kyu (Ue wo muite arukou, also dubbed  ‘Sukiyaki’)

明日があるさ – Sakamoto Kyu (Ashita ga aru sa)

世界に一つだけの花 – SMAP (Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana)

キセキ – Greeeen

手紙 – Angela Aki (Tegami)

3月9日 – Remioromen

風が吹いている – Ikimonogakari (Kaze ga fuiteiru)

サヨナラじゃない – Funk Monkey Babys (Sayonara janai)

夜の踊り子 – Sakanaction (Yoru no odoriko, lyrics here)

AM 11:00 – HY

HS Japanese Teaching Position

new heights charter school logo

Teach at New Heights Academy Charter School!


Our mission is to graduate students who are prepared to succeed in college and life.


Founded in 2006 by a team of experienced educators, New Heights Academy Charter School quickly grew to become one of the largest charter schools in NYC, serving 750 students in the upper Manhattan neighborhoods of Hamilton Heights, Washington Heights, and Inwood.  We are a grass-roots school that is not affiliated with any other organization or business.  We are both a middle and high school, serving students in grades 5-12 in a model that eliminates the transition between middle and high school – one that often negatively impacts the academic success of students from our community.   Our middle school has earned a B for the last 2 years on the NYC DOE Progress Report.  Our high school has earned an A for the last 3 years, a time period during which more than 80% of our senior classes have graduated within 4 years and greater than 90% within five years.


photo - 1Our Students

  • 90% Latino and 10% African American
  • 95% qualify for free and reduced lunch
  • 20% English Language Learners (served using inclusion; no bilingual classes)
  • 13% Students with Disabilities (served using ITT and SETSS; no self-contained classes)
  • Our average daily attendance rate is 95%.
  • Spanish is the dominant language in most homes; about half of our parents do not speak English
  • Most will be the first in their families to attend college; many will be the first to graduate from high school


Student Life

Students at New Heights attend school from 8:30am-4:00pm Monday through Thursday, with an earlier dismissal at 3:30pm on Fridays.  We follow the NYC DOE calendar, with school starting after Labor Day in September and running through the end of June.  Classes run for 60 minutes and students participate in a 30 minute Advisory class four days a week.  Class size is generally capped at 24 students.  In the middle school, students’ daily schedules include English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Writing, plus two alternating elective classes (American Sign Language, Art, Drama, Music, or Physical Education).  High school students’ daily schedules include English, Language (Italian or Japanese), Math, Science, and Social Studies, with alternating days of Arts and Physical Education.  Special education students are integrated into general education classes for the full day.  English Language Learners receive targeted support through ESL and READ 180 classes.  Students may be assigned to after school tutoring based on current academic performance or past performance on standardized exams.  Students may participate in after school clubs, including athletics, if they meet academic eligibility requirements.



photo - 2Teacher Life

Our teachers’ official hours are 8:15am-4:15pm, although many arrive to school earlier and stay later.  The school year kicks off with a 2 week Staff School, starting in mid-August, during which time is spent developing curriculum, creating assessments, building teams, attending professional development sessions, and generally preparing for the students’ arrival.  Teachers work closely with their department chairs to plan using the Understanding by Design model.  They use our data management system, eDoctrina, to ensure that data drives their instruction and that targeted interventions address students’ needs.   Teachers receive regular feedback on their planning and instruction through observations and one-on-one meetings.  Teachers are encouraged to grow professionally, and as such, frequent PD opportunities are made available to staff, in addition to the one half-day each month devoted to professional development.


Ready to Join the New Heights Team?


Become a Member of the NHACS Team

Working in our school requires a lot from our staff, but the rewards are worth it!  We are looking for smart, dedicated, solutions-oriented, reflective, and passionate professionals who can:

  • Work relentlessly to close the achievement gap
  • Use data to inform instruction/interventions
  • Set high professional goals
  • Maintain a positive mindset
  • Focus on creating a positive school climate conducive to high academic achievement
  • Develop supportive and caring relationships with students and colleagues
  • Communicate professionally
  • Collaborate
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Be responsible to self, team, and school
  • Assume team membership and individual leadership
  • Adhere to deadlines


Required Qualifications

All teachers must hold current NYS certification, preferably in the content area for which you are applying.  We seek teachers for these positions:  English Language Arts (grades 5 or 6), ESL (grades 5-8), Japanese (HS Levels I, II, and III), Mathematics (grade 8 and HS Trigonometry/Advanced Math), Special Education (grades 7 or 9), and English/AP Literature (grade 12).


To Apply

If you possess the qualities outlined above, we want you to join our team!  To apply, submit a current resume and cover letter to recruitment@newheightsacademy.org.

  • In the subject line of the email, please name the position for which you are applying.
  • Please make sure that your resume indicates your certifications (teaching or other).
  • In your cover letter, please:
  1. Describe why you are the perfect fit for the position for which you are applying.
  2. Explain why you desire to work in an urban middle/high school setting.

Japan Day 2013 – Language Tent and General Information

Welcome and thanks for your interest in Japan Day! Japan Day is a unique event in NYC that draws about 50,000 people to come and learn more about the Japanese culture and language. There are multiple activity tents, and food tents have also been added to the Japan Day 2013 line up.

Hills Learning was fortunate enough to be selected to teach Japanese at Japan Day in 2013! Here’s more information about the language tent, activities in general, location, and timeframe for Japan Day 2013.

The Language Tent and Description of the Activity

hillslearning karuta

Karuta being played at Hills Learning

The language tent at Japan Day will be manned by Hills Learning, a language school in New York City that teaches Japanese to all ages and offers group as well as private classes. The activity for the day will be Karuta, a fun interactive card game that will teach the Japan Day 2013 vocabulary. The activity actually encompasses all levels, beginners learn the basic vocabulary where as intermediates and advanced students can form sentences with the vocabulary or also be challenged by flashcards and other resources the teachers have brought for the event.


language location at Japan Day - with arrowThe language tent is located towards the entrance of Japan Day on 72nd street. The tent is located where the red arrow is pointing. It will be in the same tent as the Hello Kitty activity being held at Japan Day 2013. The Hello Kitty Activity is also quite a popular tent, so please don’t forget to visit that along with the language tent.



The Location and Time for Japan Day

Address – http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&tab=wl – Here is a link to where Japan Day is according to Google Maps. Please note, to get to Japan Day you can enter either from the West or East side of Central Park and keep walking along 72nd Street. The bandshell area is where the main stage is located.

The Japan Day website also lists 69th street and 5th avenue as the main entrance. So you can enter from that location and go north, or just follow our suggestion of coming in on 72nd street and then head south.

Time – 10:30am to 4:30pm is the official timeframe for Japan Day. This is when the activity tents and the stage performers will be working. However, many activity tents will be there and setting up from 9am or so. Please note, the food tents are only from 11:30am to 2:00pm and are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Other Stalls and Activities

This year is the first year Japan Day is planning on offering food and beverages along with their usual line up of fun activities and stage performers. Here’s a basic description of what will be offered at Japan Day 2013:




Gyoza – Gyoza are Japanese dumplings, either fried or boiled, usually filled with pork and / or vegetables. They’re boiled on one side and crispy on the other side, definitely a recommendation!

Miso Soup – The classic Japanese soup, Miso is a great protein and a delicious middle of the day snack. Usual ingredients in the soup are seaweed and tofu.





Okonomiyaki – (Make your own pancake) – Although they’re Japanese style pancakes, they’re not the typical western breakfast food. In fact, they’re eaten for lunch or dinner, and contain cabbage, meats and other vegetables. Highly recommended for someone that hasn’t tried one previously.

Ramen – Ramen is a classic offering of Japanese food and please keep in mind this isn’t the typical grocery store style “ramen” noodles. Rather, it’s a full bowl of ramen with vegetables and meat included. Highly recommended!


Calligraphy – An opportunity to learn about brush strokes and how to write characters, the calligraphy tent is a traditional arts tent and a very popular attraction.

Hello Kitty + Language (Sharing a tent) – Learn Japanese at Japan Day! Hills Learning teaches Japanese through a fun and interactive karuta game. Hello Kitty is in the second half of the tent, which is a very famous Japanese children’s icon.

Kabuki Face Painting – This is the only activity tent in the bandshell area with the performers. Very popular tent with the kids!

Origami – Another classic Japanese art, people enjoy learning how to do various origami shapes and they also get a take home prize.

Yo yo Fishing – Quite a popular activity, this is run by the JET Organization and the Japan Society. Get ready for fun with balloons!

Yukata Try On – A Yukata is traditional Japanese dress, basically a version of the “kimono” but can also be worn easily in summertime. The yukatas are also in general less elaborate and less expensive than the Kimono.


For any further information on Japan Day please visit their website at http://www.japandaynyc.org/


A Few of my Favorites

In America people look at cartoons simply as shows for children. Anime, to me, is more than that. They can be hilarious, heart-felt, suspenseful, and unforgettable. In no particular order here is a list of ten anime that have moved me:

Kids On The Slope:

It’s funny when you watch an anime expecting nothing special and then suddenly you finished the whole anime in one sitting. Kids on the Slope was one of them. I read its summary, “jazz,” “friendship,” and decided to watch the first episode. Then I kept clicking next because I couldn’t stop. The anime follows Kaoru Nishimi, a high school freshman who moves to a new town. He is an honor-roll student and use to having no friends until he meets Sentaro Kawabuchi; who is the total opposite of Kaoru, yet they attract each other through their musical interest. They grow together and become best friends while playing jazz together in their friend’s basement. That is the basic thread of the story but much more is tangled in. There’s romance, betrayal, tragedy, heart-break as it comes down to the conclusion that friendship is a powerful thing. The story is amazing due its characters, emotions, and situations that make it realistic and charming. It’s incredible and I enjoyed every episode so please add this on to your “must watch” list.

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day:

I’m not a person who cries that easily because of something that I read or saw. If it does it is usually a drop of tear that runs down my face. However, Anohana made me bawl. Imagine one day you wake up to the ghost of your best friend that died ten years ago – this is how the anime first begins. Meiko “Menma” Honma dies in an accident leaving five of her childhood friends. Once inseparable, the friends then drift apart after her death. Now they are high school students living their lives past the incident or so it seems. The main character, Jinta Yodomi is followed by Menma who claims she has a wish he must grant in order for her to move on to the afterlife. The problem is she doesn’t know what that wish is. Struggling to figure it out he regroups with his old friends but they don’t believe he can see Menma. Instead they humor him but as the anime continues remembering Menma and discovering her wish, each character reveals the emotions and trauma they repressed throughout the years after Menma’s death. This was one of the most touching anime I have ever seen. Throughout the show you empathize with each character as they struggle to make things right between themselves and each other. The ending will have you in tears (there are reaction videos on youtube). Anohana is simply a beautiful story that also proves how friendship is a powerful bond.

Fooly Cooly:

You may have heard of Fooly Cooly because it played on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. Fooly Cooly is honestly one of the greatest anime out there. I say this because it’s an alien girl who comes to Earth holding a guitar and riding a vespa. Then, she hits the main character, Naota Nandaba, with her instrument causing an injury on his forehead which becomes a portal for these weird robots to come out. It’s a really funny and strange anime with unforgettable characters. It’s one one of those anime that shows how outrageous and strange it can be but you will never complain. Fooly Cooly is a must.

Full Metal Alchemist/ Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood:

If you like an anime with an actual plot but none of that fluffy stuff, Full Metal Alchemist will deliver just that. This show is popular all around the world and if you haven’t heard of the Elric Brothers then you are living under a rock. The story is about Edward Elric and Alphonse. Eric who committed the ultimate taboo in their world, human transmutation. After their mother’s death, Edward and Al studied alchemy, the science of using raw materials and reconstructing it in order to create something. However, one of the most basic principles of alchemy and the show is “equivalent exchange,” in order to obtain something you must give up something of equal value. In the attempt to bring their mother back to life through human transmutation Elric loses his leg and Al loses his entire body. After realizing what a mistake it was Elric sacrifices his right arm to seal Al into a suit of armor since his brother is the only thing he has. After that, Elric vows to get Al’s body back by becoming a state alchemist or basically a soldier to the country’s military. He uses this to research the Philosopher’s stone, which appears to be the only hope for the brothers to get back what they lost. However, uncovering the Philosopher’s stone leads to a bigger conspiracy challenging what they believe is true. This anime is popular for a reason. The story is amazing and unforgettable. It has a lot of elements to it that makes it watchable even to people who are not anime fans.

***Note: Full Metal Alchemist is different from the Brotherhood version. Brotherhood is heavily based on the manga while the original FMA has its own story. Both are great and have different endings so you can watch both and not feel like you’re watching it twice.

Eden Of The East:

Eden of the East is a really interesting anime. The show starts off with a girl Saki Morimi meeting the mysterious man, Akira Takizawa. At first he has no memory but soon finds out he is part of a secret group of 11 other Selecaos or selected people. Each member is given a phone containing 10 billion yen in the effort to “save” Japan. If they do not accomplish this they will be eliminated. What really grabbed me about this anime was the phone. With it, the Selecao can call Juiz, a woman who can fufill any request using the money on the phone. With those kinds of resources how would you save your country? Not only does this anime have a grip on you through its plot but also through its characters. The relationship between Saki and Akira is entertaining and when they meet other Selaceos and uncover the truth about this “game” does it get really interesting to watch. Eden of the East is definitely one of those anime that you won’t mind re-watching.


A Few of My Favorites (continued)

Great Teacher Onizuka:

GTO was one of the first anime I have ever watched. This anime will always be one of my favorites. Eikichi Onizuka, a legendary gang leader becomes a teacher working at a private middle school. His class, however, have a history of getting teachers fired but they never met a guy like Onizuka. His goal is to become the greatest teacher and as you watch the show you are going to wish he was yours. Onizuka is a really cool character. He doesn’t care about the system and instead talks about irrelevant things and fools around. He helps students with their problems as he slowly gains their trust and changes their lives.

Puella Maji Madoka Magica:

There are countless anime shows about teenage girls transforming into cute frilly dresses and fighting crime. These shows are typically cute and generally predictable, fight evil and fall in love. I expected Mahou Shoujo Madoka to be the same thing. I was dead wrong. In a world filled with unseen witches, magical girls are the only ones that can destroy them before they cause harm to the real world. One day Madoka Kaname saves a mysterious white creature named Kyube. He has the power to grant any wish, in return girls must agree to a contract to fight witches. He offers a chance to become magical girls to Madoka and her friend, Sayaki Miki. Is their wish enough to risk their lives? This show is amazing. The animation is unique and the story will leave your mouth hanging. It has completely re-defined magical girl anime, proving it can also be dark and twisted.


This is one of my favorite love stories. It has everything you want in an anime, a slice of life with elements of comedy, family, friendship, and tragedy. The show follows the life of a delinquent, Tomoya Okazaki. He has given up on school and his life until he meets the cheery, Nagisa Furukawa. Full of hope and ambition to make friends and form a drama club, Tomoya helps her making his days brighter. There are a lot of funny scenes in this anime and also heart felt moments. You watch each character grow as a person. The one thing I love about this anime is that there is an after story. You can watch what happens after their high school life ends. Not a lot of shows do this which is why you grow a connection with the characters because you witness what they overcome and what happens to them. Clannad is a must watch because of its genuine story and characters that will leave you in tears from both laughter and sadness.

Angel Beats!!

The show is set in a high school that serves as a purgatory or an afterlife to the characters. They all know they’re dead but don’t know why they ended up there. Confused and angry at God they form a brigade called the Afterlife Battlefront. An angel, they believe is preventing them from leaving the high school purgatory, stands in their way to finding out the truth. Is there a heaven awaiting the characters? What do they have to do in order to move on? All the characters in the show are unique and serve their own purpose. The best part is when you learn about their life on Earth because they all have painful stories. Their friendship and fighting Angel makes them feel alive but in the end they want to be free of their unfulfilled dreams or connections on Earth. Angel Beats is simply great. It’s really funny and then all of a sudden you’re in tears. It’s a really entertaining show that is worth watching.


I’m a sucker for romantic comedies and Toradora is one of the best I’ve seen. It’s about Ryuji Takasu befriending Taiga Aisaka in order to get closer to her best friend. Taiga agrees because she is in love with Ryuji’s best friend. They work together to overcome their insecurities, Ryuji’s evil looking eyes and Taiga’s brutal personality. The two, at first were only friends to get closer to their crushes, but they end up genuinely caring about the other and learning things they don’t share with anyone else. It’s one of those shows that will please any anime fan.

Just like how you never judge a book by its cover, do not judge an anime by its name or style. I hope you enjoy these shows as much as I did and appreciate them too.

Thanks for reading~



The Holidays in New York City

There are family traditions, holiday traditions, and religious traditions and then there are New York City traditions.  The holiday season in the city is truly unique because of that.  Being such a diverse place, the people see countless decorations and celebrations bringing light to cultures and traditions.  I lived in New York City all my life and there are some things I look forward to seeing once the holiday season begins.  Here are certain things that occur in the city only when this time of year comes around…

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Christmas has always been a big deal here in the city.  Every year they bring it to life with people walking around in Santa Claus’ suit, covering everything with yellow lights, and department stores playing holiday songs on repeat.  One of the most beautiful things to witness is the Christmas tree located in Rockefeller Center.  Every year I try to pass by it at least once to gasp at its height, over 65 feet, and amazing decorations and lighting.  It is truly one of those traditions for New Yorkers that tells them Christmas is coming.  Rockefeller Center holds a special ceremony for the lighting of the Christmas tree where they have live artists and ice performances.  It stands until January 7th, so bring a loved one or your whole family to see the famous Christmas tradition.

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular

Yes, Santa Claus and the Rockettes are coming to town.  Another popular New York City tradition, starting in 1933, is going to see the beautiful female dancers and singers, known as the Rockettes in Radio City Music Hall.  The show is only available during the holiday season, November 9th–December 30th, and is a really well made production.  I went to the 75th anniversary of the show and it was a really fun experience.  It made me believe in Santa Clause again because of the stage design, the holiday spirit, the sparkly costumes and amazing dance precision performed by the Rockettes.  If you have family, especially with small children, I do recommend taking them to see this show because it will make everyone excited for Christmas and really appreciate the spirit and purpose of the holiday season which is being together.

Ice Skating

Come cold weather comes outdoor ice rinks in the city.  My friends always want to go because now it is the best time for it.  The ice rinks are filled with little kids, young couples, and friends enjoying themselves in this cold weather.  The best ice skating rinks in the city are Citi Pond in Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center Ice-Skating Rink, and Wollman Rink and Lasker Rink in Central Park.  You will have to pay for admission for all the rinks except Citi Pond because it is free if you have your own skates.  Personally, I think the winter season is one of the best times in the city because so many events are happening to celebrate the holidays.  Why not take advantage and enjoy it.

The Holiday Markets

A popular holiday bazaar located in Union Square, Bryant Park, and Columbus Circle.  It’s a bunch of little stores packed together that sells numerous things from crepes, to jewelry, puppets, handmade scarves and ornaments.  These stores bring out the best things New York City has to offer because local artisans sell their products in these markets.  If you are stuck finding a gift for your loved one, friend, neighbor, whoever the person may be stop by one of these holiday markets.  The things you will find are completely unique, original, and well-made which makes the perfect gift for anyone or even yourself.

Happy Holidays~