5 Recommended Ramen Restaurants in NYC (+ 1 Soba)

1. Ippudo


Description: A fairly large restaurant. The spaces between seats are pretty cramped, but there is a friendly atmosphere and the lights are dimmed. Hard to come by yourself, but great for groups. Combines Japanese traditional ramen styles with a little something, such as the Wasabi Shoyu Ramen, but also has things not available in other ramen stores that are originally from Japan (such as Kae-Dama)

2. Minca Ramen


Description: Very good for picky ramen eaters, because you can choose almost everything about your order from the thickness of the ramen to the broth type.

3. Totto Ramen


Description: A very small yet popular restaurant hidden next to a staircase. It’s crowded and there’s little space to move around, but you can see the ramen and other foods made right in front of you, always an interesting experience. Although you may have to wait 30 minutes, you can write your name on the list and walk around until the time comes. The spicy ramen is well worth the wait.

(No takeouts allowed)

4. Momofuku (Noodle Bar)


Description:Not focused on ramen, but in general Momofuku is great. Healthy, nutritious, and delicious. Very clean atmosphere. The menus vary depending on which store you’re at. Be sure to check the site for which one to go to. The porkbuns are recommended.

5. Menchako-Tei Noodle


Description: The thickness of the men (noodle) is easy to eat and it’s not too thin, and the original broth is very nice.

6. Soba-ya


Description; It’s not a ramen store, but its soba is great. Great environment, and the tables are enclosed for lots of privacy. Although you cannot see the soba being made in front of you, you can catch a glimpse if you’re lucky of the men  (base of the noodles) being made. The kara-age (Fried chicken) is very pleasant, as well as the selection of traditional Japanese desserts.

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