(New!) Spanish Classes NYC

Dear Learn Japanese Readers:

Earlier we talked about Arabic classes and how they’re being offered in NYC by this website’s sponsor, Hills Learning.

Now I’d also like to talk about their Spanish program. The Spanish classes aren’t new to Hills Learning, actually they’ve taught classes previously for kids and businesses in a couple locations in the US. Actually their main experiences are teaching Japanese people Spanish.

Through this experience, interestingly enough there are some similarities between Japanese and Spanish. Actually the vowel sounds in Japanese (AIUEO) sound actually exactly the same in Spanish. Also, a lot of students want to learn Spanish due to practice conversation, which is similar reasoning for why students are learning Japanese.

Hills Learning was originally an Asian language school, unique in NYC. So their Spanish classes nyc are also hoped to be unique, combining the experience and diligence of Asian culture with a mix of Spanish internationalism. Please visit their website for further information.

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