(NEW) Arabic Classes in NYC

Dear Learn Japanese Readers:

The sponsor of this website, Hills Learning, a school that has mainly specialized in East Asian and some South Asian languages, is proud to announce that they are now offering language classes for Arabic in NYC.

Although Arabic and Japanese are languages that are not directly related, the method for teaching these languages will be similar at Hills Learning. As in Japanese when you’re learning Hiragana and the basic sounds of the language, Arabic as well will be introduced a character at a time and in turn with those characters either the vowel or consonant sound will be introduced. As in Japanese, where the best way to teach pronunciation is through reading Hiragana, the Arabic Script will also be taught.

The similarities don’t end there though as both Japanese are Arabic are considered Category IV languages by the DLI (Defense Language Institute):


In case you’re interested in Arabic Classes NYC please do visit their new site which details out the curriculum for Arabic, their teachers and their programs and how they will be unique in NYC.

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