Japanese Language Schools

Here’s a listing of the Japanese language schools in New York City. When selecting a language school we recommend that you consider the atmosphere and environment of the school, reviews, class size, and other relevant criteria that relate to your language learning goals and interests.

A description is included with them that discusses a bit about their programs, background, and what they have to offer:

Hills Learning



A comprehensive language school offering Japanese Classes NYC or Japanese Classes Online for individuals, businesses and schools in New York City. Classes are available for beginners to advanced speakers of the language, including themes of conversation, business, and JLPT preparation. Private lessons are also available. They follow the SWIRL methodology, which focuses on all the speaking and listening components of the language.

– Japan Society



Japan Society has multiple levels of Japanese classes available through their Toyota Language Center. They’re also unique in that they have a teacher training program that trains how to teach Japanese. The overall goal of Japan Society is to promote Japanese culture in New York, and they offer a variety of special events including movie festivals and corporate events.

– Tenri



The Tenri Cultural Institute actually is affiliated with a Japanese college in Japan. They offer multiple levels of group classes, from beginner to intermediate levels. They also have “kokugo” courses for Japanese expat’s children to learn Japanese. The institute also offers cultural events and performances.

– LearnJapaneseny.com



This school is actually part of the Amity Language Institute, which also offers other language classes such as French. They’re located in the midtown area, near Grand Central Station. POST COVID UPDATE: The school seems to have moved to Charleston, SC, to this new address – learnjapanesewithyuko.com

– New York Japanese Language School



This school is called the New York Japanese Language School. The owner gives private lessons, and the lessons are generally available either in the Grand Central Area (at Kinokuniya or surrounding area) or at a public place near Grand Central. There are multiple levels listed on their website. POST COVID UPDATE: Group classes seem to have ceased but still offers private classes.