The Release of the Mini Coop, in Japan

BMW has just released a new version of their convertible in Japan, the Mini Coop Convertible S and the Mini Coop Convertible. Each newspaper focused on different features that its readers would enjoy.

Nikkei (New Functionality) The Nikkei focused on the new engine and catchy functionalities that come with the “newly improved mini coop.” The car “employs an effective new engine, with gas consumption performance increased by 40%.” The roof is now able to close mid drive, in reaction to unexpected rain storms. Its closing time has also been decreased to 15 seconds; quick enough so it can close in the time it takes for a stoplight to turn green. Although both newspapers list the car has come out in two models, the Nikkei lists the models as a selection process, with the faster type “more equipped with a 1600cc engine”.

Asahi (New Comfort) The Asahi describes the car as a “new release” in Japan, with different characteristics than previous models. The Asahi talks about the space available in the car, both when driving with the top down and top up. Not only is there luggage space which exceeds 170 liters when the top is up, but it then goes on to elaborate how 2 people can fit in the back comfortably. The space overall has increased by 55 liters as compared to the last model.

NHK and Yomiuri (Crane Accident) Both the NHK and Yomiuri this morning did not run articles on the mini coop but instead focused on the tragic crane accident in Tokyo. 6 people were injured when a large crane suddenly collapsed on its work site and nearby sidewalk. The cause of the accident is currently being investigated.

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