JLPT New York – The Japanese Language Proficiency Test Details

It’s great that you’re interested in taking the JLPT exam. For first timers of taking the JLPT and you’re curious as to which level might fit you best, please visit the attached link for JLPT placement. For students that have more or less decided on which level and want to know more details about taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in New York, then look no further!


1. If you’re serious about taking the JLPT and you’re reading this article, start studying now.

2 . Please note the Japanese Language Proficiency Test has changed in the past couple years. Now each level is referred to as N2, or N3. So when looking to purchase a good textbook (which is highly recommended), please choose an up-to-date version and make sure it has an “N label” for the level.

3. The textbooks are helpful, but be prepared (especially in higher N1 and N2 levels) to have a test that is more difficult than the textbooks. Take the level of the textbooks you’re studying with and bring it up a notch or two, that is how difficult the actual test is.

4. If you can, naturally we’d recommend either group or private lessons for JLPT study. Group is helpful because you have potential study buddies to learn from both in and outside class. Also when you get a professional teacher involved, they’ll be able to set goals for you and hold you to it.


The application for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test becomes available towards the middle or end of August. The application period is only one month, the month of September. If you can, postmark your application the first of the month of September. Yes, we said postmark. Last year the Japan Foundation of Los Angeles (they run the JLPT) required all applicants to mail applications, online was not accepted.

OFFICIAL TEST DATE – Sunday December 2, 2012

LOCATION – Lehman College in New York

250 Bedford Park Boulevard West – Bronx, NY 10468

Phone: 718-960-8000

Only 500 Seats Maximum


New York City is America’s most populous city, with a very diverse background of inhabitants. Naturally the demand for the Japanese Language is high. The test center itself only has a maximum of 500 students accepted. The applications for the JLPT start getting accepted by September 1st, and New York is the first center to sell out every year, usually by the third week of September. Submit your applications asap.

The JLPT is a rigorous and challenging test. Take a class or at least consult with someone who has taken the test previously before studying. The JLPT N1 is used to place foreign students into universities in Japan, and the Japanese take the test and its administration very seriously.

This article is limited in scope but please don’t hesitate to ask questions or comments about the JLPT in New York. Good luck with your studies!

2 thoughts on “JLPT New York – The Japanese Language Proficiency Test Details

  1. I was passed JLPT exam N2 in Japan 2018 December . I wanna to take exam
    JLPT N1 in New York December 2020 .

  2. Dear Aung Thein Tun, thank you for contacting us and sorry for the delay in responding to you. From what we have heard, the JLPT has been cancelled this year due to COVID-19 concerns. It is sad and hopefully New York will get it next year.

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