Learn Japanese NYC… for $10!

Are you one of those students that has always wanted to learn Japanese, but just not ready to pay the high prices to take Japanese language classes at a college in New York? Hills Learning for a limited time offers a $10 Japanese Trial Class.  This coming Friday, instead of going out to the movies or spending money at a club or bar, why not spend the earlier part of your night learning Japanese, one of the most fascinating languages in New York City?

Hills Learning is conveniently located next to Grand Central Station. Why is this good for learning Japanese? Well, after you’ve finished with the $10 trial Japanese lesson, you can attend some of the Japanese related businesses nearby, such as ramen shops and Japanese grocery stores, and of course the king of all things Japanese in New York: Kinokuniya Bookstores, located right next to Bryant Park.

So what are you waiting for? Come enjoy your Friday night with Hills Learning and learn Japanese today!

One thought on “Learn Japanese NYC… for $10!

  1. A starter course in Japanese sounds like a perfect way for people with previously piqued interest to get started learning the language, I hope it takes off!

    When getting into the written language, an easy alternative to flash-cards is to practice online. I made a small online game for this purpose, you’d be more than welcome to check it out at Hiragana-Learner.com.

    Best regards!

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