Baby Boy Found in Freezer

In Hyogo Prefecture, Ono City, Miyuki Otsuka was arrested yesterday on charges that she left her child’s body in the freezer. According to the police, Miyuki showed up the police station and said that she was hiding her baby’s body in the freezer. Both the Yomiuri and the Asahi Newspapers tell this gruesome tale differently, and interestingly enough neither paper speculates on how or why the baby was killed.

Yomiuri “He was already dead when I got home.” Miyuki claims that she made her son stay at home while she went out. After she returned home, she found her son dead. The Yomiuri mentions some interesting details surrounding this, like for example Miyuki is unemployed. Also, they point out that the body was found in a vanilla bag, wrapped up. They end their article saying the police are currently doing an autopsy to find the cause of death, but the scene they set makes you wonder how it couldn’t be Miyuki.

AsahiThis is my baby, who died years before” The Asahi’s first quote for Miyuki is that her baby had died years before. They then mention that the police are currently doing an autopsy, and at the same time they are questioning the husband. In their closing paragraph they claim that Miyuki is “testifying” that her son died a few months after they moved to the apartment in 2007. The Asahi’s focus on time and the husband hints at the fact that Miyuki might not have killed her baby.

NikkeiFirst American Killed in Texas by the Swine Flu” The Nikkei did not run a story on Miyuki this morning but instead focused on the first death in Texas supposedly from the Swine Flu. According to Routers they claim that a 23rd month old baby was confirmed to have died of Swine Flu, the first death outside Mexico.

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