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Course Description: Learn Japanese for the business setting. Whether you’re interacting more frequently with clients or internally with colleagues and bosses, Business Japanese is tailored to help you communicate more effectively in the workplace. We cover both general business lingo and specific words and phrases used in emails, meetings, greetings, newspapers, etc.

Course Goals:
To greet in the business setting
To talk about your business in Japanese
To have a basic understanding of keigo
To function in meetings in Japanese
To write an email in Japanese
To develop a deeper understanding of Japanese culture

Japanese Businesswoman

Course Curriculum: Unique curriculum created by Hills Learning, and taught by a PhD in Sociolinguistics.

Cost: The cost for this 10 week course (15 credit hours) is $400. Please note all course materials will be provided for you.

Maximum Attendance: We feel that having a smaller amount of students makes for a better langua
ge learning experience. Please signup now as space is limited to 8 students.

Time and Location: January 27th to March 31st, every Wednesday, 630-8pm. The course will be held 380 Lexington Avenue, at 42nd and Lexington, on the 17th floor.

Advanced Class – Conversational ability is required, the class will be taught in Japanese.
Beginner Class – Basic Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji knowledge is required.

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What students are saying about Hills Learning:

“After trawling through Craigslist and various online sites, I was lucky enough to find Hills Learning. Tuition rates are much more affordable than with comparable organizations in the city and my teacher has been superb.”

Financial Analyst

“The classes are very helpful, and I feel like I’m learning a lot.”

Business Owner

“Small class size is excellent. Teacher is knowledgeable and helpful.”


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