Beginning Japanese II (Advanced Beginner)

Course Description: Learn the basics of Japanese for your everyday schedule and life in Japanese II for advanced beginners. This course is dedicated to developing your basic conversational skills, from making plans to go out with friends to traveling in Japan. Vocabulary for time, directions, family, as well as reviews of basic introductory phrases will all be covered. Learn to speak Japanese today!

Course Goals: To be able to meet and greet in Japanese. Also have basic conversations, ask for directions, and have a deeper understanding of Japanese culture.

Course Curriculum: Follows Genki I chapters 6, 7, and 8. Depending on the ability of the class, this could be extended.

Cost: The cost for this 10 week course (15 credit hours) is $349 $329 Early Bird. Please note all course materials will be provided for you.

Maximum Attendance: We feel that having a smaller amount of students makes for a better language learning experience. Please signup now as space is limited to 8 students.

Time and Location: June 23rd to August 28th, every Wednesday, 6-730pm. The course will be held 380 Lexington Avenue, at 42nd and Lexington, on the 17th floor.

Prerequisite: It is recommended that students can read Hiragana (without romaji), have knowledge of numbers (that we use in everyday life), basic greetings, and knowledge of “desu” and “desuka” expressions. A familiarity with Katakana is also recommended.

What students are saying about Hills Learning:

“Small class size is excellent. Teacher is knowledgeable and helpful.”


“My teacher has been wonderfully prepared and enthusiastic about tailoring lessons to suit my requests and interests. We covered pretty much everything on my list of goals and even more. And, it was quite fun.”

Art Design Scholar

“For anyone looking for an extremely personal, high quality, and inexpensive language learning experience, I definitely recommend Hills Learning. ”

College Graduate Who Just Recently Got a Job in Japan