Anime Immersion Course

The Goal of this course is to prepare students to travel to and / or live in Japan by using the medium of Anime! By the end of this course students should be able to understand basic phrases and questions when asked. They should also be able to order, ask directions, start conversations, and begin to understand key phrases and words that help them get around in Japan.

The first 3 weeks is set aside for instruction. While learning about cultural aspects of Japanese society students also develop a basic understanding of the Japanese language. The last week is reserved for a trip to Japan, where students practice and apply what they’ve learned.

Where – 900 Fulton Street (b/t Waverly and Washington)
Clinton Hill, Brooklyn New York

– July 13-July 31st
– Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9am – 12pm


Week 1: Basic Greetings Covers introductory topics: name, how old are you, where are you from, what do you do.
Week 2: Restaurant Japanese Teaches how to order, tips on reading menus, common language used by waiters and waitresses.
Week 3: Directions and Locations Elaborates on how to ask directions, order tickets, and general vocabulary.

Anime Tokyo Tour
CLICK HERE for details (PDF file.)